Captchator Captcha Generator (Beta)

Attention: From September 2015, Captchator will be unsupported and service may be discontinued at any time. If you want to set up your own captcha server, the captchator source code is available on GitHub.

Fed up with Spam in your Wiki, Blog or Forum? All the CAPTCHA solutions you found are too difficult to implement or do not work on your shared hosting account? Captchator is the solution.

What is a CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA is a way to prevent automated web form submissions. You show the user an image with a confirmation code, and you only accept the submission if the user enters the code correctly.

Why Captchator?



  1. To display the captcha image on your website, create an img tag that links to the Captchator server:

    <img src="$yoursessionid" />

    Instead of $yoursessionid, insert a unique string that identifies the session. You can simply use a part of the PHP session ID or something similar for this.

  2. Create or modify an existing form with a text field to send the captcha answer to your script.

  3. Your script needs to check the submitted captcha answer for correctness. To do so, it loads the following URL from the Captchator server:$yoursessionid/$answer

    If the answer is correct, the result is "1", if not, it is "0".

Try it in your Browser:
  1. Go to you like) and read the text from the picture.
  2. Go to you like)/(text from the picture). If you entered the text correctly, you will see "1".



Captchator is a hosted service, so you are probably wondering about its reliability. This can be answered easily: I am using Captchator on my own high-traffic websites and, so it is in my own interest to keep it running.

Of course, I cannot make any guarantees. The service may be terminated at any time without prior notice, there may be outages and malfunctions. So far there have not been any, but you get the idea: use it at your own risk.

Questions? Comments?

Please post your questions and comments in the Captchator support forum.
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